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Illnesses & Grief

Molly has vast experience working with grief, chronic physical and emotional illnesses, and terminal illnesses. So much so that in 2015 she co-founded a small group practice known as Beyond-Coping with like-minded colleagues and dear friends. Beyond-Coping is a close collaboration between medical and psychological care that has been shown to be highly effective. They work with patients, families, and their physicians when needed to provide psychotherapy that is not solely focused on physical conditions but includes an understanding of how what is happening in the body affects the mind, and how what is happening in the mind can affect the body. Patients coping with significant medical conditions – and their loved ones and caregivers – can all benefit from this approach. We help medical patients in a variety of ways that are informed by our professional expertise and our close consultation with medical providers. The practice has comprehensive postpartum depression, anxiety, and all perinatal complications; chronic pain; weight loss. Experience with oncology, Type I & II diabetes, neurological illnesses, brain trauma, Chron’s disease, IBS, and chronic pain to name a few. Within these illnesses and others, we hope to help with the following as needed:

 Addressing existential issues such as body changes, mortality, loss, and grief; and psychological issues such as altered self-concept, depression, and anxiety;

 Helping patients and/or families cope with and understand their symptoms and prognoses, and providing direct and indirect support as they undertake the difficult and often unwelcome task of changing their lifestyle and habits or undergo complex, stressful treatments;

 Incorporating collateral work with family members, friends, and caregivers to weave support and insight into as many aspects of the patients’ daily lives as possible;

 Providing individual psychotherapy for caregivers and family members who might experience complex emotions such as anxiety, guilt, loss, anger, and depression related to their roles in the lives of medical patients;

 Sharing – with patients’ permission – insights into patients’ emotional lives with physicians to deepen their understanding of variables that might represent both symptomatic presentation and treatment compliance.

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