Helping People Through

Life And Its Transitions.

Covid-19 Update

During this uncertain time, I remain committed to providing clients with private and secure teleherapy.

Molly Saeger


I am a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist with a private practice in San Francisco. You’ll see I have over twenty years of experience and am trained and specialize in a few different areas such as:

adult psychotherapy

couples psychotherapy

adolescent and child psychotherapy

 divorce and separation

founders therapy and strategic planning

as well as:

 chronic illness and palliative care for individuals and families.

For many people starting therapy, it is difficult to know where to start. Many people I have helped describe feeling more confident and genuine in how they approach their concerns and relate not only to others in their life but to themselves. This sense of confidence helps us all navigate our problems, concerns, and lifestyle issues with greater ease.

Most important will be that you feel helped, supported, and tuned into so we may process your current concern(s) in a safe environment.

I hope the information on my website will help you find answers to your questions. Please feel free to email or call me anytime.

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