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Founder’s Therapy & Help with your Company and Employees During Covid – 19 & Beyond.

I’ve been contacted by many companies in upper management to help think through how to address the trauma from the pandemic and how it impacts their employees while working at home, their companies, and potential furloughs and layoffs.  This virus has created an enormous amount of loss for many and I see that everyone is trying to find the opportunities in this crisis –  to save jobs, help the emotional lives of their employees, and navigate this uncertain landscape we find ourselves traversing.

I am available for video conferencing to help think through your particular issue in your company or with your staff.  I can also be available for sessions for founders, C-level, and all employees to help make sense of company choices, organizational changes, isolation at home, increased anxiety, virtual workplace issues, and establishing motivation and resilience.

I offer regular appointments as well as packages that can be used within a certain time frame.  Please contact me to discuss what might work best for you and your team.

Founders Therapy & Strategic Organizational Thinking

Many start-ups, small businesses, and even larger companies that have been around for a long time have challenging periods of transitions. Just managing people and personalities with strong perspectives can be exciting yet exhausting. In addition, visions and values may change, collaborating may feel impossible, or abrupt losses can tip any founder, executive, or employee on their side. Founders Therapy and thinking strategically about one’s organization is not much different from couples therapy in that the main problem for people in conflict it typically related to feeling unseen, unheard, devalued, or confused about one’s role. When there are transitions and decisions to be worked through, especially related to money, roles, and future goals, Molly has comprehensive experience to help individuals, executives, and/or teams successfully work through and resolve them.


Molly has extensive experience working and collaborating with a variety of organizations, helping with organizational structure, executive relationships, and challenging transitions for both new and long-standing companies. Her background on relational work combined with her professional experience of working for large companies, small organizations, and small businesses especially in the technology world, give her an edge on navigating both small and major decisions that are often derailed by intense emotional reactions. In-office visits and Zoom conference calls are also an option when needed.

Packages are available, please inquire within.

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